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Phyxable is a fresh approach to physical rehab. Experience up to 2 times (100%) more effective results compared to traditional clinic visits. By helping you stay on track of rehab programs at home through our gamified video solutions, Phyxable empowers you to start healing anywhere, anytime.


We reduce drop-off to <40%

In typical brick-and-mortar clinical treatments, 70% patients drop off before completing their rehab program. This number is astonishingly high. Phyxable digital solutions are progressive and incredibly engaging. We try to make treatment plans as fun and easy for patients as possible. For more support, Phyxable offers the flexibility of consulting with a practitioner virtually, from a patient’s home.


Frequently asked questions


Will my insurance cover my online assessment?

Absolutely. If you book an online assessment with us, we bill your work insurance directly.

How long before I feel the difference from Phyxable programs?

Treating physical pain takes time - especially if you want to do it well.
In 7-9 days, you will feel the positive results of sticking to our daily Phyxable programs.

What actually is Phyxable?

Phyxable is guided, video-based, pain relief coaching. We also make the content fun and engaging.
If you need additional support, speak with one of our practitioners online, on video call.

Do I get personal support if I need it?

Yes! If you need additional support or personal guidance, you can chat with any one of our practitioners online (we call it virtual rehab).
There is a booking fee associated with each session.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes! You may cancel your appointment anytime before its scheduled to time. However, there is a cancellation fee. Please reach out to us for cancellation policies.

How likely is it that Phyxable will be able to help me?

So far, we’ve helped over 600 people. We’re confident about offering high quality, self-help solutions to people in need by becoming your partner and support throughout pain relief.

Can I talk to a physiotherapist before I book just to confirm physiotherapy is right for me?

Yes you can! As long as you have a smartphone with you, book an appointment with us anytime, at the comfort of your own home.

Will you do anything at the first session to help my pain?

The first session is typically a diagnosis / assessment. Pain relief doesn’t happen immediately - we’re sure by assessing and providing relevant solutions, you will feel better within a week or 2.

Will I get any exercises to take home with me?

You will be assigned exercises and stretches to “take home”. Because we do everything virtually, you won’t have to visit any clinics - your entire treatment plan is from home.

How long will it take for Phyxable to get me active and healthy again?

We estimate that getting out of pain will take about 2-4 weeks, depending on your conditions. However, staying active and moving with intention is the habit we wish to help you develop.

I’m not in any pain per se - I’m just experiencing lots of stiffness and tightness. Should I consider Phyxable?

Most definitely! Our product’s primary focus is on prevention and eliminating physical pain from happening in the first place.

Will Phyxable help me with my flexibility? I’m “stiff as a board” the few hours after I’ve been out on my bike and I know this is causing my achy lower back.

Yes. Phyxable has content that helps you gain flexibility and reduce lower back aches.

What does Phyxable treatment actually entail?

Phyxable solutions are typically in 3 levels. Each level has guided videos - Sessions - to help you move and stretch out specific areas of the body. We encourage users to tackle one level per day, or every other day.

Will I get some things (tips) that I can be doing at home to help myself get better quicker?

In our video sessions, you will find gems while listening to the audio and learn tips along our educational content.

How important are exercises to my recovery?

Possibly the most important thing to help you recover faster!

How long does the session last?

Each session ranges from 5-15 minutes.

Will I be in any pain after the treatment i.e. the next day?

In the beginning, you may experience irritation and soreness in the specific areas you are working on. That’s perfectly normal. Your body is repairing itself and it will transition into building new tissue.

Do I need a referral from my physician?

Not necessary. Phyxable solutions are results-driven - you will feel much better within the first week of using our solutions. Our product is designed to get you into pain relief mode right away. That said, we encourage you to chat with a physician if you have time.

How often will I need re-assessments?

Once per week is enough, or at often as you wish to feel comfortable with pain relief.

How long will it take for Phyxable to settle my pain?

It varies from person to person. Typically, it takes no longer than 4 weeks recover from an injury or acute aches and pains. After that, we will have content to support your growth to defend your body from future injuries.


Take control of your pain.