Core Workout Routines for Better Foundation

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Core Workout Routines for Better Foundation


Easy Core Exercises for Beginners and Seasoned Professionals

Feeling lethargic, clumsy, or just plain demotivated? Or have you been experiencing a dull body ache for a while without as much as moving a muscle? It could be that you are adopting the wrong posture when working or unknowingly subjecting your body to unnecessary strain.

Body pain can slow down your mobility and stiffen your muscles. A weak body reduces your productivity and makes you feel lazy and tired. To avoid falling into a pattern of sluggish routines and reduced work output, you need to build a solid foundation of physical health and fitness. Personal fitness and a sound body helps lower the stress on yourself, which in turn lowers the stress on your mind.

The secret lies in strengthening your core. Core strengthening is one of the fundamental exercises that you can take up to build a solid foundation. A weak core can lower your endurance levels significantly, especially during motion. The science behind this impairment is very simple: the core forms the main link between your upper and lower body, and essentially acts to balance your entire body when you are in motion. Be it cycling, lifting, running, or even a simple activity like bending to tie your shoelaces, every movement is guided by your core. So, in simple terms, it helps to strengthen your core and improve mobility.

Practice Advanced Core Exercises at Home

What are the exercises you can take up to build a strong core? Well, there are any number of routines that you can follow on a daily basis, but it helps to start with the basics and gradually test your endurance with newer routines. Begin with the plank and side plank; two go-to exercises for most of us because it is easy to follow. You can always push yourself to do more demanding routines.

The Phyxable app provides the best core exercises for men and women that will ensure that you not just develop a strong core but also improve posture and body flexibility. In the long-run, you will find a marked improvement in your fitness and will also be less prone to injuries. What’s more, you also begin to look good and feel good.

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