Pain Treatment Made Simple

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Pain Treatment Made Simple


Most of us think of body pain as a fleeting ailment that, when ignored for a significant amount of time, cures itself. The general human psyche, especially in the case of women is that one does not think of visiting a doctor for body pain. We are predisposed to thinking this way because medical treatments cost time and money.

Often, you may be too engrossed in your work to realize a dull ache in your wrists or back. You must know that pain is one way of telling you something’s wrong and needs immediate attention. Sometimes, this pain develops in one region of your body but might impede movements of other parts, making it impossible for you to be functional or useful.

Acute pain left untreated can develop into chronic pain over time

Data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey of 2008 suggests that the total incremental cost of healthcare due to pain coupled with the financial costs of loss of productivity at work amounted to around $635 billion. This implies that the annual costs of pain was nearly 30% higher than the combined costs of diabetes and cancer. These cost estimates were presented in 2010 dollars by calculating the inflation for medical costs in that year (Relieving pain in America: A blueprint for transforming prevention, care, education, and research. (2011). Washington, D.C: National Academies Press. doi:doi: 10.17226/13172).

If you are experiencing physical pain, it is best you consult an established medical practitioner. The causes of pain can be many but most often are a result of bad posture and bio-mechanics. Physical therapy helps relieve the stress in your body and improve mobility. In case of time and cost constraints, you can access online medically-guided tutorials to manage pain and rehabilitate to a higher sense of well-being. The Phyxable app provides several video tutorials to address body pain. All you need to do is get access to the app and start healing.


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