Full Body Workouts to Pump Up Your Spirits and Be Fit!

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Full Body Workouts to Pump Up Your Spirits and Be Fit!


I know, I know….I started with what many will dismiss as a hyperbole; a fleeting exuberance that will make you feel good only for that moment, and then you are in the grind again! This is what most of us experience when we plan to change our routine and try to become healthier. It’s the ultimate goal of becoming ‘healthy’ that bulldozes our spirits faster than we can imagine. Why, you ask? Because as human beings, we are not accustomed to the BIG changes in life; while most of us love surprises, it’s usually something that will give us immediate pleasure. Changing your routine is not one of them! Be it dieting, a new exercise regimen, or even changing our sleep patterns, we are programed to seek immediate gratification. Well, moment of truth- matters related to health follow a definite curve and as you can imagine, the length of that curve will be as long as your will power! But worry not; not everything in life is as climactic as it sounds! There is a way to achieve positive change by revising a few of our priorities and altering our lifestyle in steps.

There is such a thing as taking ‘one small step to achieve a giant leap’. Our bodies are programed to adapt to both internal and external stimuli in stages. So, for example, if you recently got medication for viral infection, the time for the fever to subside is equal to one complete cycle time for the virus to die down. This is how your body reacts and recoups to change. Similarly, if you are planning on improving your health, it will be achieved in due course.

Same is the case with fractures, body pain, and other ailments. Your body needs to recover and heal gradually. Getting healthy and fit is also a process. You will get how much you give, in that you will definitely reap the benefits of the effort you've put in, but in stages. So, I reckon, by now you would have understood that if one is to change their lifestyle patterns for the better, there needs to be a definite program that should be followed in steps.Why not program a daily routine, one that is not cumbersome or too difficult to achieve? You can start with a few basic healthy regimens and see if you like where that is taking you. Once you get into the groove, which I reckon you will very soon, you can certainly change your routine and make it your own.

So say, you were planning to wake up early; I'd suggest that you wake up at a decent hour instead. This will help you maintain reasonable targets and you will not be so overwhelmed by the responsibility you have set yourself. You should feel energetic if you've had a good night's sleep. Start with a few stretches. Stretches help rejuvenate your entire body and keep you agile during your long day. There are two types of stretches: dynamic and static. Static stretching, as the name suggests, can be achieved while in a stationary position. To begin with, try the quadriceps stretch- bend your knee back while grasping your ankle with one hand and hold it in that position for around 15-20 seconds. You can return to your standing position and repeat the step with your other leg. If you are unable to maintain balance, support your body against the wall or a high chair with the other hand. This you loosen your muscles and give you good flexibility. For the dynamic stretching, start with lunges and gradually add to your routine with other exercises. This should be the first activity that you could take up everyday. Of course, during the course of your workday, you can repeat these exercises if your environment permits. Most of us are bound to our work desks for the better part of our day. This aspect of your work life should however, not stop you from keeping your body active. While seated at your desk, try the Chin Tuck. This is a common physiotherapy routine that will help ease your neck muscles that have tightened and contracted from protruding your neck into your work screen and remaining in that position for long hours. Push your chin backwards such that you develop a double chin and your neck feels stretched. Stay in that position for a good 15 seconds. This helps relieve the tension in your back and neck muscles and gives you correct posture. There are several such easy-to-do physiotherapy exercises that you can take up while at work. Practicing these exercises at regular intervals throughout the day will help prevent body pain arising as a result of poor posture and ergonomics.  

Physiotherapy exercises helps align your body correctly and improves coordination of your limbs. After you’ve gone home from a long day’s work, you can still follow up your routine with a few planks. Planks help strengthen your core for better balance during movement. In the long run, your core strength will determine physical fitness and enable you to take up any physical activity without the risk of getting injured. Try the plank and side plank exercises. These will help tighten those deep abdominal muscles.What will happen is you will be moving in a coordinated fashion and engaging your arms and legs optimally, without hurting yourself. In plain language, you will not lose your balance as you move.

These exercises should give you the necessary agility and physical health you need to carry out your daily chores. That is not to say you cannot engage in some regular workouts. The idea is to get you accustomed to an active lifestyle. By practicing the right body movements and physiotherapy everyday, you will start to feel more energetic and fit. Once you get used to these activities, you can certainly add a full workout regimen to your schedule. The important thing to remember is that your body will be better prepared for any future vigorous workouts and you will be less prone to injuries.With time, you will find that the changes you felt were unattainable and time-consuming slowly becoming a part of your daily grind, thereby keeping you fit and active.