Core Strengthening Benefits

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Core Strengthening Benefits


Each one of you is well-versed with the good old plank exercise that is performed in every fitness class today. Your motivation to do the plank is most probably to attain a firm waistline devoid of any bulging fat. But did you know that an exercise as simple as the plank helps improve your overall physical fitness as well?

Well, research shows that having a solid core will ensure that you are less prone to injuries during motion. The core essentially comprises your midsection including the torso, belly area, and mid and lower back. The core muscles also extend peripherally up to the shoulders and neck region. It is the main connector between your upper and lower body. In a way, strengthening your core will effectively stabilize your whole body and allow you to move in an optimal manner, without losing balance or injuring yourself. It is this core stability that will enable you to maintain an upright posture and prevent bodily injuries when sitting, standing, or walking. Consider a vehicle moving at optimum speed. The only way to control the speed is by controlling the brakes. Your core acts somewhat like a brake in that it directs your limbs to move optimally. Without a core, you would not know how to balance yourself. A strong midsection will ensure that you not only do your daily activities in a balanced fashion but also enable you to take up vigorous sporting activities without injuring yourself. A stable core also protects your spine. You continue to see the benefits of tightening your core as you grow older. Studies have shown that a strong torso has helped elderly people be less prone to injuries such as from a fall due to loss of balance or a hip injury. We all may have taken it for granted, but the fact that you are able to sit without any back support is because of your core. Try accommodating a few core workout routines in your fitness routine apart the regular pushups and cardio. By working the core, you are engaging the muscles in your hips, pelvis region, lower back, and abdomen. Regular strengthening of these muscles improves body balance and stability; in a way, you will be better prepared when swinging a baseball bat or reaching down to pick up something. Conversely, there is a good chance of you pulling a muscle or injuring your back while performing these activities if your midsection is not strong enough. You can practice core strengthening at home and do not require special training for it.

At Home Core Exercises

The core exercises you can follow include planks, side planks, the pelvic bridge exercises, the full plank, the deer in headlights exercise, and sit ups. There are several online video tutorials that you can access to follow these exercises. The advantage with core exercises is that they are not difficult to follow and can be repeated on an hourly basis. Posture is another important feature of good biomechanics. Having a strong core also enables you to develop and maintain a good posture. Even if you are seated for long hours in one place, the sitting position you adopt can impact your physical health. Having an upright posture without slouching will prevent you from developing ailments such as lower back pain and neck pain. But you should know that an upright posture or sitting up straight without bending forward is possible only when you have a strong core. Again, it's what the core does for you that is important here, viz. provide stability and balance. Just as you do not need any back support while seated, the core also helps you sit up straight without any discomfort. This in turn improves your posture. Tightening your midsection will also help you take up any vigorous activity without the fear of getting injured. How many times have you begun on a high-octane weight loss program only to find yourself getting injured? It is because your body has lost considerable flexibility due to the constricted muscles from long hours of sitting or moving in a particular way. Core strengthening enables you to stretch those muscles and become more agile. Many people are suffering from lower back pain nowadays. It is considered as a lifestyle ailment, one that is affecting a cross-section of workers, regardless of their age. Why do you think this is? Why should a healthy adult of optimum built experience lower back pain? The answer is a sedentary lifestyle and bad posture. There are several posture correctors currently in the market that you can wear to improve your posture. However, the best way to correct posture and ensure body flexibility is by following physiotherapy workouts that include core strengthening. These exercises ensure long-term benefits. Many of us spend a lot of time indoors; Vitamin D is an essential component for bone strength, which we are being deprived of because of our lifestyle choices. Again, regular core strengthening and stretching will help you combat this yet another lifestyle ailment. Fitness does not happen in a day. Regular exercise is the only way forward, but there is a big advantage with these exercises in that you do not have to spend an awful lot of time on them everyday. A few flexibility exercises such as planks, a few bridges, and stretches amounting to a few minutes is what you need to strengthen those torso muscles. You will see that with the flexibility you develop by doing these routines, you will start to feel more energetic and ready to take up other vigorous exercises as well. In theory, it’s the body flexibility that you develop due to a strong core that will enable you to take up other activities as well with ease. So, with these many potential benefits, what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and start working those core muscles!