Self-care: Tension Headache

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Self-care: Tension Headache


Tension Headache Treatment at Home

If you are following a hectic schedule and unable to maintain regular sleep patterns, meal times, or make time for exercise, you have all the reasons for your next headache. Or more specifically, a tension headache.

You ask what is a tension headache? The answer lies in the name itself; any stress or tension in the muscles, usually around the neck area, steadily penetrates to the head as well, causing mild to moderate ache. It is a dull pain that slowly develops throughout your head and the back part of your neck.

A bad lifestyle is a pain in your neck.

Because this type of headache is majorly attributed to bad lifestyle choices or habits, it makes sense to change your routine to stop it from occurring. A good way to do this is fit a daily health regimen into your busy schedule.

Now, before you jump onto the bandwagon like every other compulsive cribber and declare that a tight schedule is what’s preventing you from being headache free, I suggest that you simply fit in a few exercise routines into your worksheet that aren't extremely time-consuming.

Headache Remedies at Home

With Phyxable, you have access to video tutorials for curing tension headaches and other body pains. You can access the app and click on the pain management tutorials most relevant to your case. You don’t have to particularly take time off to follow these religiously as each tutorial lasts only a few minutes. By following these routines as part of your headache remedies on a regular basis, you can benefit from long-term tension headache relief.

Bad posture and ergonomics at your workplace may also be straining your neck muscles and adding to your headache. You can prevent this by firstly adopting the right posture, and secondly, following the recommended ‘Phyxs’ for tension headache treatment without the need for medication.

A word of caution though; these physical therapy plans are not recommended if you are experiencing severe headaches to the extent of those being migrainous or chronic. In that case, you need to visit a doctor for a full diagnosis and treatment.


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