Lower Back Pain Exercises For Faster Relief

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Lower Back Pain Exercises For Faster Relief

How to fix lower back pain?


Do you experience lower back pain with varying degrees of intensity at intermittent or regular intervals? Well, you should know that left unattended, this pain could impede your mobility significantly. Lower back pain usually occurs in the lumbar or waist region, which supports most of the weight of the upper body. Typical symptoms include weakness in the legs, loss of bladder control, or fever. Chiropractic manipulation is effective in mitigating any inflammation or pain in the affected area. There are lower back pain exercises that you can follow to strengthen your back and prevent future injuries.

A sedentary lifestyle, obesity, improper posture, etc., are the most common factors that contribute towards acute or chronic back pain. Pain that generally lasts longer than six months may be termed as chronic.

80% / 20% rule applies. Pick your side.

You may have experienced a dull ache or a sudden shooting sensation at some point, making it impossible to move normally. It is now well documented that a sprain or tearing of a ligament accounts for nearly 70% of acute lower back pain. You need to take note of this fact and think twice before lifting heavy objects or moving in a way that causes a sudden jerk of the back.

Pain can also surface due to a degenerative disc as a result of aging. However, unless the injury is categorized as a trauma and needs detailed medical intervention, most cases of lower back pain can be addressed adequately using non-invasive procedures.

Video Tutorials for Lower Back Pain Stretches

The Phyxable app provides several remedial and preventive exercise regimens such as lower back pain stretches that you can access and follow to mitigate pain. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Apart from lower back pain exercises, the app features videos to treat other types of physical pain. The advantage with this tool is that you can simply click on the relevant exercise video and follow the routine while holding the device in your hands. The app’s unique ‘family sharing’ feature allows up to six family members to use this app and perform various exercises.


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