Seek Online Therapy for Pain Management

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Seek Online Therapy for Pain Management


We are all looking for ways to better our lifestyle and achieve a good sense of well-being. Often, however, our expectations fail to meet reality. Between juggling work and personal life and striving for excellence, our health usually takes a backseat. Growing workplace demands and a fast-paced life are causing a toll on our bodies.

Even so, we’d rather that a lingering headache or back pain be wished away than take concrete action. Every one of us is predisposed to thinking this way! What’s more, we hold on to our convictions even more strongly when there are time and cost constraints involved.

Seeking medical help for physical injury and pain management is challenging for many - growing costs of clinical treatment compounded by our frequent but much-needed visits to the clinic.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to bring the clinic home?

Unlock your pain-free lifestyle.

With Phyxable, you can seek online therapy and treat physical pain clinically at home! This application is specially designed as a self-help manual for individuals suffering specific body pain. Be it headaches, lower back pain, joint pain, or a shoulder injury, Phyxable suggests several non-invasive exercises that you can follow to recover and build a foundation.

We can all agree that our chances at healing, recovery, and rejuvenation are even more pronounced when we have a deeper grasp of physiotherapy and physical fitness. Phyxable collaborated with world-class medical practitioners and physiotherapists to provide you with easy-to-follow, actionable routines that will help mitigate pain in the affected areas.

No more lengthy visits to the clinic, no more breaking the bank.  All the tutorials are conducted by established physiotherapists. Our interactive app feature prompts you to describe your pain level based on which specific use cases are recommended.

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