Wrist Pain: Causes and Treatment


Wrist Pain: Causes and Treatment

“I’m at my computer for super long hours. I have wrist pain!”


More often than not, you may have complained of having your hands full and not being able to pursue other interests outside of work. Given a chance though, how would you choose to spend your leisure time? Take up a new hobby, go hiking in the wild, or learn a new sport? Do you realize that all of these leisure pursuits also require an extensive use of your hands?

These thoughts do not usually crop up during the normal course of your day. But if you just think about it, an injury to your hands or wrists could effectively bring all of your chores and responsibilities to a standstill. Well, one could argue that this could, in fact, be your ideal break; except that you would not dare sit quietly for fear of losing out in this rat race called life!

Let’s fix your wrist pain, shall we?

Wrist pain can develop due to an injury; either a sudden impact that causes a sprain or fracture of the wrist, or injury due to repetitive wrist movements as with operating the mouse for long hours. There are several medical factors as well that may contribute towards wrist pain such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include pain, numbness or tingling of the palms due to compression of the median nerve as it passes through the wrists. People suffering from diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis may be at increased risk of developing this condition. Lack of proper blood supply to the wrist bones or even accumulated cysts in the wrist can cause wrist pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

The best way to prevent wrist pain is by building up your strength with a good dose of calcium and also referring to a few wrist pain exercises that can greatly improve flexibility around your wrists. In the event that the pain continues to persist or even aggravates significantly, you need to consult a doctor for a thorough diagnosis and treatment

Your hands give you the power to explore your surroundings and literally take charge of yourself. It is therefore imperative that you do not delay diagnosis and treatment for even the slightest sign of wrist pain.


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