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Manage physical pain


Phyxable offers guided self-help video programs designed to reduce pain, increase movement, and prevent injuries.

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Overcome your pain

Treating physical pain is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

  • Phyxable makes the process simple and affordable

  • Our solutions are evidence-led and clinically-sound

  • Access our content anywhere, anytime


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Prevent future injuries

Our bodies are designed to move. Too little or too much movement can also lead to injuries.

  • We help you build a solid foundation

  • Follow our programs to see tangible results

  • Establish a baseline for injury prevention


“Phyxable is the perfect complement to my daily routine, in the office or on the road.”


- Ralph Palumbo, ex-VP
Insurance Board of Canada


Why Phyxable?

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Bite-sized content

We understand that everyone has busy schedules. Our personalized and digestible experience ensures minimal interruption to your daily lives.

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Game-like progression

Keep track of your healing journey through your dashboard and check on your past sessions. Get rewarded for staying on top of the game.

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Meet Tiff

Tiff is your coach, mentor, and personal guide who accompanies you through the highs and lows of your journey to better well-being.



Research-based Solutions


Reduce Pain

Phyxable video solutions are research-based and evidence-led.


Build Foundation

Think of it as removing future pain so that your time is spent on what’s important and meaningful.


Perform Better

Regardless of your lifestyle, we’ll be there to help you to improve performance.


Fix Your Pain Today


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